Consider becoming a sponsor for Presidents Bowl

The need is great but the rewards of supporting are even greater.  Each and every day you hear and see the stories of funding problems for our schools. You see students and organizations on every corner with fundraisers working and selling to support the activities that they are so involved in.  The financial need is growing each year.
The activities throughout the schools are just as important as the classroom.  Students learn valuable lessons in all of the extra-curricular activities, sports, and fine arts.  These lessons and skills benefit not only the student/participant but benefit society as they move on from school.  They will become your neighbor, employee, employer, teacher, doctor, law enforcement office, public servant/official and so on in the years to come. The Presidents Bowl supports all three public school boosters clubs who in turn support the high schools in so many ways.
Your support is for the future of the students and our whole community.  Thank you for your consideration.

To learn more about how you can help, click on the rate sheet below for more information or contact a Presidents Bowl representative to be contacted directly.

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